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Ski Holidays - Ski Trip
Ski Holidays - Ski Trip
Ski Holidays - Ski Trip

Ski Holidays - Ski Trip

In January, Hokkaido receives more snow than you can dream of, it can snow for days and the sun comes and goes. Half a meter of fresh, light snow per day is not unusual.

When it is snowing we will ski the trees with perfect openings for great turns.

Mountain Guide Anders Swensson offers a road trip to Japan. He will work with myJapanese mountain guide colleague and friend, Hirofumi Ishizaka.

Week 1: 10 - 18 January 2020

Week 2: 18 - 26 January 2020

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Days of memorable skiing in a wild and natural world, a new territory to explore… and at night the comfort of a 3 star hotel, maintained to european standards.

The following are all 7 day packages offered by "Heliski Russia" :


Fire and Ice

In the surrounding area of Petropavlovsk, ski the coastal fiords, the slopes of the spectacular volcanoes or through the forests. This trip is an ideal way to discover heli-skiing and the riches of Kamchatka.

7 days


Wild East Discovery

From north to south of the peninsula, from the Kouriles islands to the 4750m of Klychevskaya, go further to explore new territories and immerse yourselves in a historic culture.

7 days


Exclusive Kamchatka

Russian ostentation

Discover... The Russian Far East. Ski... More and more runs for unmatched gliding days.

Enjoy... a gem of luxury in the heart of wilderness at the North Adventures Hotel ****

Live... A moment 100% pure luxury and pleasure.

Please note : There is only one date possible for this trip.

6 days

Dates and offers on request

Voyage à ski - Héliski au Kamchatka (Ru)Voyage à ski - Héliski au Kamchatka (Ru)Voyage à ski - Héliski au Kamchatka (Ru)Voyage à ski - Héliski au Kamchatka (Ru)

Do you miss mountain landscapes and powder snow in the summer? The southern hemisphere has what you are looking for! Chile, located in South America in the middle of the Andes, is our favorite destination for summer skiing.

Working closely with Powder South based in Santiago which has the best heliskiing operation in South America.

The El Ingenio lodge situated 1h30 away from santiago offers great comfort in an idyllic and restful setting. From here, numerous heliskiing possibilities exist in the heart of one of the largest and highest mountain landscapes of the world.

Type of package
Classic Heli-Package (6 days of skiing)
Semi-Private Heli-Package (6 days of skiing)
Exclusive Private Groups (6 days of skiing)
3 Days Andes Heli-Package (3 days of skiing)

Time of the year : from June to September

Héliski au ChiliHéliski au ChiliHéliski au ChiliHéliski au Chili

A boat for Base camp and movement around the Fjords, to discover the mountains of Lyngen. Ski between 1500m and 0m of altitude! A very original adventure!

Dates: from March till May


High above the pastures of the chinese Pamir with its nomadic tajik and kyrgyz yurts here and there, Muztagh Ata (7546m) is the ideal summit for a first high altitude ascent. The base camp, at 4350 meters and at the limit of the pastures, is easily reached from the road and the equipment is carried on camel backs. Technically easy, this ascent goes through two altitude camps (5400m and 6100m). It is sometimes useful to set up a third camp. This expedition is a ski expedition because the west flank of the mountain is a long moderately steep slope and the entire mountain is skiable. The skis bring not only an extra safety but also pleasure and allow you to get back down quickly to the next camp.

Dates and offers on request

Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)Mustagh Ata - (photo R.Michellod)

If you really love to ski and you are imptient enough, that the idea of starting the season before picking the grapes, tickles you! Than, there is no doubt that the southern hemisphere is waiting for you! A splendid voyage with no less than 5 volcanoes on the program, including one that is active, all on the boarder between Chile and Argentina. How could you resist the temptation of skiing huge slopes in the face of the Pacific ocean?

Dates: From the mid August to end September

Volcan Villarica - Chili - Volcan du ChiliVolcan Villarica - Chili - Volcan du ChiliVolcan Villarica - Chili - Volcan du ChiliVolcan Villarica - Chili - Volcan du Chili