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Summer heliskiing in Chile (Southern hemisphère)

Do you miss mountain landscapes and powder snow in the summer? The southern hemisphere has what you are looking for! Chile, located in South America in the middle of the Andes, is our favorite destination for summer skiing.

Working closely with Powder South  based in Santiago which has the best heliskiing operation in South America.

The El Ingenio lodge situated 1h30 away from santiago offers great comfort in an idyllic and restful setting. From here, numerous heliskiing possibilities exist in the heart of one of the largest and highest mountain landscapes of the world.


Type of package
Classic Heli-Package (6 days of skiing)
Semi-Private Heli-Package (6 days of skiing)
Exclusive Private Groups (6 days of skiing)
3 Days Andes Heli-Package (3 days of skiing)

Time of the year : from June to September

Héliski au Chili  Héliski au Chili

Héliski au Chili  Héliski au Chili



A boat for Base camp and movement around the Fjords, to discover the mountains of Lyngen. Ski between 1500m and 0m of altitude! A very original adventure!

Dates: from March till May

Ski Holidays  Ski Holidays

Ski Holidays  Ski Holidays




5-6 days of easy ski touring in Iceland. A jeep will drive us between volcanoe's, gysers and thermal pools.

Dates: April till May

Iceland Iceland


Iceland   Iceland



Volcanoe's in Chili

If you really love to ski and you are imptient enough, that the idea of starting the season before picking the grapes, tickles you! Than, there is no doubt that the southern hemisphere is waiting for you! A splendid voyage with no less than 5 volcanoes on the program, including one that is active, all on the boarder between Chile and Argentina. How could you resist the temptation of skiing huge slopes in the face of the Pacific ocean?

Dates: From the mid August to end September

Volcano Villarica - Chile  Volcano Villarica - Chile

Volcano Villarica - Chile  Volcano Villarica - Chile



In co-operation with Ice Axe Expedition, our guide Anders offer a ski trip to the white continent. Imagine waking up on the ship with iceberg's floating along the boat. With whales, penguins and seals swimming around the boat.

This is the only trip for skiers to the Antarctic peninsula. A ski adventure of a life time.

Dates: October 28th to November 9th 2017

More information HERE


 calm water  team boat view

the farm  zodiak ice berg


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